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Congratulations to our new slate of officers!

December 18th, 2014

Congratulations to our new slate of officers for the Highlands County Republican Executive Committee elected unanimously at our meeting this evening for a new two year term!

Kathy Rapp, Chairman

Virgil Beato, Vice Chairman  

Penny Kocarek, Treasurer    

Ida Jackson, Secretary

HCREC Meeting 12-18-14 001HCREC Meeting 12-18-14 009


   HCREC Meeting 12-18-14 011HCREC Meeting 12-18-14 002                               


Many thanks again from the membership to Olivia Scott for her previous service as Secretary and to Gil Santavenere for his prior service as Treasurer! 

Many thanks also to Representative Cary Pigman for an excellent update on his committee assignments for the new legislative session and for the very informative Q &A session!

HCREC Meeting 12-18-14 005

Obama Does Not Have the Authority to Lift Embargo on Cuba

December 18th, 2014

From The Daily Signal


Photo: Olivier Douliery/Newscom

Cuba’s release of American hostage Alan Gross is to be welcome. Gross has vegetated in a Cuban jail for five years for the crime of bringing computers to Jews on the island.

But exchanging three hardened Cuban spies for him establishes a wrong moral and legal equivalency. Worse, extending recognition to Cuba’s dictatorial regime harms U.S. national interests and fails to advance freedom in Cuba.

The White House “Fact Sheet” on Cuba makes clear that the Obama administration received nothing in exchange for its many and substantial concessions to Havana’s Communist regime. In essence, after five years of “negotiations,” the White House ended up where Raul Castro started: Gross would be exchanged for three Cuban spies whose activities led to the death of an American in the 1990s.

The administration’s announcement that “the president has instructed the secretary of state to immediately initiate discussions with Cuba on the re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba,” also gives in to a longstanding Castro demand. Cubans will not gain freedom of expression, of association, of thought or of anything else as a result.

The Obama administration received nothing in exchange for its many and substantial concessions to Havana’s Communist regime.

Moreover, the White House’s explanation that it was acting because “U.S. policy towards Cuba has isolated the United States from regional and international partners,” shows degrees of fecklessness that should put fear into Israel and other allies for which American support brings condemnation of the U.S. at the United Nations and other international fora.

Obama obviously has decided to act on his own because he faced little opposition from Congress when he overreached his authority and acted on his own by giving amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants. Congress needs to act now, or Obama simply will move on to the many other items on his bucket list.

Congress must make it abundantly clear to Obama that he does not have the authority to lift the embargo on Cuba on his own. Doing so would break U.S. law, namely the Helms-Burton Act.

Senators also should make clear they will not allow the appointment of an ambassador to Cuba to proceed until there have been changes on the island and look into the possibility of using policy riders in the upcoming Department of Homeland Security appropriations debate in February and the fiscal year 2016 appropriations process to deny the president funds for setting up relations.

For the rest of this article and many others, see: http://dailysignal.com/2014/12/17/obama-not-authority-lift-embargo-cuba/?

Note particularly the article: http://dailysignal.com/2014/12/17/duty-raw-video-sharyl-attkissons-interview-man-waterboarded-911-mastermind/

Federal Judge: Obama Immigration Actions Unconstitutional

December 18th, 2014

From The Heritage Foundation  

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

A federal judge today ruled that President Obama’s executive actions on immigration are unconstitutional—the first time a court has weighed in since the president’s Nov. 20 announcement.

“President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore, is unconstitutional,” wrote U.S. District Court Judge Arthur Schwab, in a 38-page opinion.

President Obama’s immigration action “violates the separation of powers,” a district judge declared.

Schwab, an appointee of President George W. Bush, issued the ruling in a criminal case that was not a direct challenge to Obama’s moves.

The case involved a once-deported Honduran immigrant, Elionardo Juarez-Escobar, charged in federal court with illegally re-entering the United States after being arrested earlier this year in Pennsylvania for drunk driving.

The court only considered Obama’s immigration policy changes in sentencing Juarez-Escobar to see if he could qualify for deferred deportation under the president’s new enforcement guidelines.

Last month, Obama acted alone to shield up to 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation.

>>>What You Need to Know About Obama’s Executive Move on Immigration

The administration used the legal argument that the chief executive has “prosecutorial discretion” to decide when to enforce criminal infractions, including illegal immigration.

Schwab argues that Obama’s actions go “beyond” prosecutorial discretion by lumping a broad group of people into one case.

Schwab wrote:

President Obama’s executive action goes beyond prosecutorial discretion because: (a) it provides for a systematic and rigid process by which a broad group of individuals will be treated differently than others based upon arbitrary classifications, rather than case-by-case examination; and (b) it allows undocumented immigrants, who fall within these broad categories, to obtain substantive rights.

There are more cases pending that more directly challenge Obama’s actions.

Twenty-four states have filed suit questioning the legality of Obama’s policy reforms.

The states, led by Texas, charge that Obama violated his constitutional duty to enforce the laws and illegally placed new strains on state budgets.

Today, 27 Republican congressmen, including Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, filed an amicus brief in support of the states.

The Volokh Conspiracy first reported Schwab’s decision.

Portrait of Josh Siegel @JoshDailySignal

Josh Siegel

News Reporter


For the rest of this article and other great articles, see: www.heritage.org

Rubio slams Cuba agreement, says Obama is ‘willfully ignorant’

December 17th, 2014

From The Washington Times

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a potential 2016 presidential candidate, speaks during a public rally at U.S. House candidate Rod Blum's campaign office on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, in Dubuque, Iowa. (AP Photo/The Telegraph Herald, Jessica Reilly) ** FILE **
U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., a potential 2016 presidential candidate, speaks during a public rally at U.S. House candidate Rod Blum’s campaign office on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014, in Dubuque, Iowa. (AP Photo/The Telegraph Herald, Jessica Reilly) ** FILE ** more >
By Ben Wolfgang – The Washington Times – Updated: 1:16 p.m. on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Calling President Obama “willfully ignorant” and “the worst negotiator” the U.S. has had in decades, Sen. Marco Rubio on Wednesdayslammed the administration’s agreement with Cuba to open normal diplomatic relations for the first time in more than 50 years,vowing that the incoming Republican majority in the Senate will try to undo the deal with whatever tools they have at their disposal.

Speaking just minutes after Mr. Obama hailed the deal — predicated on the release of political prisoners by both nations — Mr. Rubio, a Cuban-American, said the president has let the people of Cuba down by finalizing a “disgraceful” deal that is a major setback for human rights and freedom for the Cuban people.

Moving forward, the Florida Republican said congressional Republicans may block the nomination of a U.S. ambassador to Cuba and could stand in the way of funding for diplomatic facilities on the island. 

“I’m committed to doing everything I can to unravel as many of these changes as I can,” he said. “I intend to use every tool at our disposal in the majority [in the Senate] to unravel as many of these changes as possible.”

On the action itself, Mr. Rubio said normalizing relations with Cuba will only allow Cuban President Raul Castro to shore up his power base and continue oppressing his own people, adding that the president’s belief that the move will help the Cuban people is naive.

“This entire policy shift announced today is based on an illusion, on a lie — the lie and illusion that more commerce, more access to money and goods will translate to political for the Cuban people,” Mr. Rubio, Florida Republican and a potential 2016 presidential candidate, told reporters. “All this is going to do is give the Castro regime, which controls every aspect of Cuban life, the opportunity to manipulate these changes to perpetuate itself in power.”

The deal announced Wednesday comes as the Cuban government released American aid worker Alan Gross, who had been held for five years. In a separate deal, the U.S. and Cuba released political prisoners, including a U.S. intelligence asset who had been held for two decades, officials said.

Mr. Rubio praised the release of Mr. Gross and said he is grateful to have him home.

But the broader agreement, the senator said, is a mistake of huge proportions.

“It is just another concession to a tyranny by the Obama administration rather than a defense of every universal and unalienable right that our country stands for … It will significantly set back the hopes of freedom and democracy for the Cuban people,” he said. “It is disgraceful for a president who claims to treasure human rights and human freedom. This president is the single worst negotiator we have had in the White House in my lifetime.”

For the rest of this article and others, see:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/dec/17/rubio-slams-cuba-agreement-says-obama-willfully-ig/

Highlands County Republican Radio Ad

December 17th, 2014

In case you had not heard it yet on local Talk Radio. Here is the text of an excellent new radio Ad followed by the actual audio recording currently playing on local Talk
Radio and on WWOJ this week:

This is Kathy Rapp, Chairman of the Republican Party of Highlands County, with an invitation for you to join us.

Republicans come in all sizes, shapes, ages, genders, and colors with many diverse interests.

So what holds us together?
-A common belief that our nation is exceptional,
-that our Constitution should be honored and upheld,
-that our leaders should serve all people, not just special interest groups,
-and, that government should be smaller, smarter, and more efficient.

Since the days of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, we have always believed in freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility.

Republicans are not anti-government. We just believe that government should set boundaries, not manage our lives.

Come meet your local Republican friends. We welcome you.

We will be meeting Thursday, December 18th at the Sebring Elks Lodge.
A light dinner will be served from 5- 6:30 with the meeting at 6:30.

Your voice counts and we’d love for you to become part of our voice—The Republican Party of Highlands County.

Republican Party of Highlands County

Many thanks to Rob Horne for the idea and to Rob and Kathy Rapp for the excellent implementation!

Please plan to join us on the 18th and invite family and friends to hear Representative Cary Pigman. If you can’t make the meeting this month because of other commitments, please place our next meeting on 29 January 2015 on your calendar now and plan to attend.  Let’s build on the current momentum and begin preparations to have a very ”sweet 16″!

Read the rest of this entry »

Reminder – Highlands County Republican Meeting Thursday 18 Dec 2014

December 11th, 2014

Our Highlands County Republican Meeting will be held a week early this month and will be on Thursday 18 December 2014 at the Elk’s Lodge in Sebring (across from Kenilworth Lodge) at 6:30 PM.  The Agenda includes the election of officers for the Highlands County Republican Executive Committee for a new two-year term.  Those nominated at the November meeting and agreeing to serve as officers include Kathy Rapp as Chairman, Virgil Beato as Vice Chairman, Penny Kocarek as Treasurer, and Ida Jackson as Secretary. The Program also includes an update by Representative Cary Pigman on his committee assignments for the new legislative session, a report on highlights of the recent RPOF Quarterly Meeting in Tampa by Kathy Rapp, and a Report on the Training Session conducted by Dr. Ben Carson in Orlando.  Please make plans now to attend and be sure to invite family and friends to attend with you!      

photo (14) - Copy Photo from the RPOF Quarterly Meeting in Orlando on 5-6 December 2014. Pictured with Senator Marco Rubio (R – FL) are Kathy Rapp, Chairman Highlands County Republican Executive Committee and Kathi Large, Chairman of the Okeechobee County Republican Executive Committee.

Preliminary AGENDA – December 18, 2014

Highlands County Republican Executive Committee Meeting

Elk’s Lodge Sebring 6:30 PM, Optional meals & beverages 5:00 PM

 Call to Order                                                               Kathy Rapp, Chairman

Invocation                                                                    Earl Claire

Pledge of Allegiance                                                   Dan Fain

Welcome guests                                                           Kathy Rapp, Chairman

Recognize Elected Officials / Candidates              Kathy Rapp, Chairman

Roll Call by Precinct                                                   Ida Jackson, Acting Secretary

Request Motion to approve absences                      Kathy Rapp, Chairman

Request Motion to approve minutes 11/20/14     Kathy Rapp, Chairman

Treasurer’s Report                                                      Penny Kocarek, Treasurer

Vice Chairman’s Report                                             Virgil Beato, Vice Chairman

New Business

Elections of officers for new 2 year term               Virgil Beato & Kathy Rapp

State Committeewoman Report                              Joan Hartt

State Committeeman Report                                    Chuck Oakes

HRWN Report                                                             Kathy Rapp, Chairman

Webmaster Report                                                     Earl Claire

Lincoln Day Dinner Committee                              Kathy Rapp


Update by Representative Cary Pigman on his committee assignments for the new legislative session.

Report on the Republican Party of Florida Quarterly Meeting in Tampa by Kathy Rapp.

Report on the Training Session conducted by Dr. Ben Carson in Orlando on 9 Dec by Penny Kocarek.


Let’s build on the momentum of the huge Republican victories in November!  Please plan to attend this month’s meeting and invite family and friends to attend with you.  We have openings in most precincts for new members on the Highlands County Republican Executive Committee.  Contact any officers or members for additional information on membership.  See the contact information on our web-site. You can send an e-mail to Chairman Kathy Rapp  at rapp@strato.net, Vice Chairman Virgil Beato at vbeato77@gmail.com or contact the Webmaster at webmaster@republicanpartyofhighlandscounty.com

Help us reach a much larger segment of our county and region and build on the current election victory momentum.  You can actively help to expand our outreach by taking positive action to:

Subscribe to our web-site at: http://republicanpartyofhighlandscounty.com/

Follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/HighlandsGOP

And “like” us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/highlandsrepublicanparty

Republican challenger wins Louisiana Senate race – Democrat concedes defeat!

December 6th, 2014

Congratulations to Senator Cassidy!

Another very strong vote NO for “O” and his divisive policies!

By Jonathan Kaminsky

NEW ORLEANS          Sat Dec 6, 2014 10:48pm EST

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu reacts while delivering a concession speech after the results of the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana during a runoff in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 6, 2014. REUTERS-Jonathan Bachman
Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu (R) hugs a supporter after delivering a concession speech after the results of the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana during a runoff in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 6, 2014. REUTERS-Jonathan Bachman
Republican Bill Cassidy talks on a cell phone at an event with supporters, the night of the run-off election for U.S. Senate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, December 6, 2014. REUTERS-Lee Celano

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu reacts while delivering a concession speech after the results of the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana during a runoff in New Orleans, Louisiana, December 6, 2014.

Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Bachman

 NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – Senator Mary Landrieu conceded defeat to Republican challenger Bill Cassidy in a runoff election on Saturday, a result expanding the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate at the expense of one of the chamber’s last remaining southern Democrats.

Cassidy, a congressman whose victory swells the ranks of Republicans in the Senate to 54, ran a disciplined campaign focused on linking Landrieu to President Barack Obama, who is deeply unpopular among whites in Louisiana.

Landrieu was fighting to remain one of only two Democratic senators from the southeastern U.S. – a party stronghold a generation ago – after losses last month by Democratic incumbents in Arkansas and North Carolina.

The top Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Landrieu campaigned on her clout, a message complicated by her party’s loss of Senate control.

Her campaign was also weakened by her recent failed push to win Senate approval of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada’s oil sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

For the rest of the article and other news, see: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/12/07/us-usa-elections-senate-louisiana-runoff-idUSKBN0JL03320141207


Grimsley promoted to upper echelon – State Senator will become Deputy Majority Leader

December 6th, 2014

Congratulations to Senator Denise Grimsley!

Senator Grimsley

From Highlands Today: Gary Pinnell Published: December 6, 2014

SEBRING —  “The Florida Senate may be a conservative chamber run by wealthy white men,” the Miami Herald blogged Friday, “but it is gradually injecting some women leaders into the second tier of its leadership ranks.” Sen. Denise Grimsley, 53, a Sebring Republican who was the House’s chief budget writer before moving to the Senate in 2012, was named Thursday as deputy majority leader.  Grimsley also will chair the Communications, Energy and Public Utilities Committee, which the Herald noted is one of two committees “which is perennially a focal point of business lobbying.” Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, chairs Higher Education; Nancy Detert, R-Venice, will gavel Commerce and Tourism; and Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange, remains chair of Finance & Tax, a full-fledged committee again. Grimsley, a registered nurse who chaired the Appropriations Committee in the lower House, chaired the Senate Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee last year. Majority Leader Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton explained why he appointed Grimsley as his deputy: “As a fifth-generation Floridian, a parent and business woman, Denise knows firsthand the challenges and opportunities of citizens and business owners in our state. She is a conservative leader whose experience will serve our caucus greatly.” Senate President Andy Gardiner last week named Miami Sen. Anitere Flores as chairman of the newly-named Fiscal Policy Committee. Each of the 12 women senators either chairs or vice-chairs a committee. Sen. Rene Garcia, R-Hialeah, one of the president’s best legislative friends, will take Grimsley’s seat as chair the budget panel for health and human services. Although the health and human services budget committee is generally considered one of the powerful in the Florida Senate, being the deputy majority leader puts her the table with the most powerful leaders. Grimsley has already filed for reelection to Senate District 21, as have 19 of the 20 incumbent senators. She and has collected about $123,000 for the race, although she has no opponent yet. gpinnell@highlandstoday.com

For the rest of the article and others, see: http://highlandstoday.com/hi/local-news/grimsley-promoted-to-upper-echelon-20141206/

Why Legalizing Pot Is a Bad Idea

December 1st, 2014

From The Daily Signal


Photo: Getty Images

At first blush, it may appear that the fight to thwart marijuana legalization is a lost cause. Pot pushers want you to believe that legalization is inevitable. They point to legalization successes this November in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia.

But Big Pot lost in Florida, and five cities in pot-crazy Colorado outlawed the sale of marijuana, including Lakewood, Canon City, Palisade, Palmer Lake and Ramah. And now comes the latest Gallup poll from Nov. 6, which shows that support for marijuana legalization is down seven points from last year, from 58 percent to 51 percent. Even liberal support for legalization dropped four points from last year.

So why did the pot pushers lose a large state like Florida, and why is support for legalization falling?

That’s a tough question. But perhaps the public is starting to pay attention to scientific data and the actual dangers of marijuana as well as the negative stories coming out of Colorado and Washington State since those states legalized marijuana.

The science is clear and unambiguous – pot is a dangerous substance. It is not like alcohol at all. There is a reason it is classified as a Schedule I controlled dangerous substance, right along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy. The American Medical Association, the American Lung Association and other reputable doctors and scientists all reject legalization.

As Dr. Kevin Sabet, former senior advisor to President Obama’s drug policy office, states in his book “Reefer Sanity ‘Seven Great Myths About Marijuana,” the average strength of today’s marijuana is five to six times what it was in the 1960s and 1970s, and upwards of 10 to 20 times stronger than in the past.

Even the liberal editorial pages of The Washington Post urged voters not to legalize pot in the ballot initiative this past Nov. 4. The Post noted that “the rush to legalize marijuana gives us – and we hope voters – serious pause.”

The data coming out of Colorado is exhibit A on why voters should reject legalization efforts. Even the Democratic governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, said that legalizing marijuana in Colorado was “reckless.” As I have written at Heritage, pot-positive traffic fatalities have gone up 100 percent since voters legalized pot in Colorado. This is true despite the fact that overall traffic fatalities in Colorado have gone down since 2007.

A report by a federal grant-funded agency in Colorado found seven specific negative side effects that pot legalization has caused in Colorado:

1) the majority of DUI drug arrests involve marijuana;

2) youth consumption of marijuana has increased;

3) drug-related suspensions/expulsions increased 32 percent over a 5-year period and a majority was for marijuana;

4) an increase in college users;

5) almost 50 percent of Denver arrestees tested positive for marijuana;

6) marijuana-related emergency-room visits increased 57 percent from 2011-2013; and

7) marijuana-related hospitalizations has increased 82 percent since 2008.

Perhaps people are also aware of new scientific studies pointing to the inherent dangers of marijuana. For example, the British health research journal The Lancet Psychiatry recently concluded that teens who smoke marijuana are “also 60 percent less likely to graduate college and seven times more likely to attempt suicide.”

Others have picked up on the recent findings by the Journal of Addiction from Kings College London that found that marijuana is highly addictive, causes mental health problems and is a gateway drug to other illegal and dangerous drugs. That report found that regular adolescent marijuana users have lower educational attainment than non-using peers, that they were more likely to use other illegal drugs, the use produced intellectual impairment, that use doubled the risk of being diagnosed with schizophrenia and increased the risk of heart attacks in middle-aged adults.

Add to that the recent study where 9.7 percent of respondents reported that they had smoked marijuana before coming to work, and you can see why responsible citizens, including employers and parents, are starting to question the pro-pot canard that smoking marijuana is no big deal and actually good for you.

For the rest of this article and other great reads, see:  http://dailysignal.com/2014/11/30/why-legalizing-pot-is-a-bad-idea/?

Theodore (Ted ) Romer, Memorial at Temple Israel, Sebring, FL on November 22, 2014

November 30th, 2014


It was a privilege to attend the Memorial Service for long-time HCREC member Theodore (Ted) Romer on November 22, 2014.   With his wife Mary Ann’s permission, I would like to share briefly some of the photos and remarks from the Memorial Service.  Ted Romer was a patriot in every sense of the word.  He loved his country and served it well during WW II.  He also loved Israel and served it well.  In 1948 he went to Israel and helped fight for the independence of the Jewish State.  He subsequently went to Israel in every war they fought.  Ted had a degree in engineering from New York University and later earned a Ph.D. in engineering.  Ted met Mary Ann in 1983.  They were married in 1986 and had a wonderful full life together.   They moved to Sebring in 2006 and Ted passed away on June 21, 2014.


Memorial Service for Ted Romer (11-22-14) 004 1-Ted_Romer_Memorial_Plaque__Flag_(1) (2) 29-Memorial_Service_for_Ted_Romer_(11-22-14)_006 (2) 35-Guests_at_Honor_Guard (2) 36-Guests_at_Honor_Guard_(2) (2)MAR_&_TR,_cruise_formal_night

Notes used by the Rabbi for  the Memorial Service for Theodore (Ted ) Romer at Temple Israel, Sebring, FL on November 22, 2014.

Ted was born September 27, 1927 on the Lower East Side, New York City

Ted passed away June 21, 2014 after a long struggle with cancer.

Mother, Ida Tobias, was born in the United States

Father, Louis Romer, was born in Europe.

Ted has three children, Richard, Karen, and Lauren and four beautiful grandchildren, Ben and Sarah and John Louis and David.  His extended family is his daughter-in-law, Janet and her three beautiful daughters, Chris, Janelle and Danielle and their spouses and children.

He was raised speaking Yiddish in the home and didn’t speak English until he went to kindergarten.  He was raised in an orthodox family and always loved his Torah.  He prayed every morning for the well-being of his family and country.

As a teenager the family moved to the Bronx, NY where Ted went to James Monroe High School.  He became the leader of the ‘gang’ on Charlotte Street, drove a mountain taxi to and from the Catskills in NY and was a ‘four sewer’ hitter at stick ball.

He played football as quarterback on the HS team until he was thrown out of school for poor grades right before the last game of the season, which they lost.

At 17 years old he learned how to box in order to earn money for the family.  He won every bout until his mother and uncle showed up at one of his fights at the Westchester Arena.

He was sent to Europe to save Jewish scientists during WW II.

In 1945, towards the end of World War II, Ted entered the Army and had an honorable discharge in 1946.  He was in charge of German POW’s in the United States.

After the war he took and passed his G.E.D. exam in NYC.

In 1948 he went to Israel and helped fight for the independence of the Jewish State.  He subsequently went to Israel in every war they fought.  He was always an ardent supporter of Israel and knew firsthand the threat of their enemies.  He had learned how to fly in 1948 and eventually transitioned to becoming an F-4 fighter pilot.

In 1955 he attended and graduated New York University, (NYU) with a degree in engineering.

He later received a PhD in engineering.

In 1981 Ted led a group of seniors on a volunteer mission to Israel and helped form the Volunteers for Israel program.  The volunteers worked in the fields and did other work while the Israeli soldiers were protecting their country.  While there, in 1981, he led a tank battalion to the northern border of Israel but was prevented by the Administration from going into Lebanon and Syria.

In 1981, Ted taught at Robert Morris College in Pittsburgh, PA in order to give something back to the US because he had gotten his college degree through the GI bill.

Ted wore many business hats, some of which were:

He ran a carpet cleaning business;

Owned a dude ranch with 60 horses in Rhinebeck, NY;

Represented Solargen Electric Cars;

Started a successful company doing basement waterproofing

He was a boat owner, pilot, author, inventor of the ‘Safety Triangle’, and business man.

Ted met Mary Ann in 1983.  They were married in 1986 and had a wonderful full life together.

They travelled extensively, cruised the Caribbean, Far East, Russia, Egypt, and Europe.

They collected art.

They loved sports.

Ted was a racket ball player

They met playing tennis and then both learned how to play golf – (Ted was the county champ in Monroe Township, NJ)

Ted was an avid reader and prolific writer and story teller.

He loved Frank Sinatra and the ‘olde’ songs and movies.  He could sing the lyrics from songs of  the 40’s and remembered all the old actors and actresses and would have fun with our dear friend Lou Wills recalling their names.

He had a great sense of business and the economy

In the past couple of years he enjoyed driving his ‘Mistress’, a 1929 Mercedes Benz replica.

Throughout his life he supported and helped build many synagogues and was a devoted Jew who believed that he did not deserve to have the honor of carrying the Torah or praying on the bimah.  If anyone was more deserved of this honor it was Theodore (Ted) Romer.

Ted was a proud United States Army Veteran who deeply believed in and fought for:

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of Speech

Freedom to Assemble

The Right to a fair trial and

The Right to Vote

We are here today to remember and celebrate the life of Theodore Romer.

Brief excerpts from Mary Ann’s remarks at the Memorial Service:

Ted’s daughter, Karen, once wrote that her dad was ‘the mighty Lion of Judah’ and that his ‘roar and presence will never be forgotten’.  Lauren wrote that her ‘Papa Bear’ was bigger than life to her and that he would ‘die for’ friends and family.  He was so proud of his 3 children and all that they had accomplished and had become—a doctor, a nurse and a teacher.

He experienced and lived life more than any 10 people put together and I know and believe that he has enriched the lives of those people who knew and loved him.  As one of our friends has written : “We lost a great patriot who fought hard for his country and his life;  He fought for what was right and fair;  He took risks for that which matters; He has given help to those in need and leaves this world a better place for what he has done.”


    Kathy Rapp
Vice Chairman
    Virgil Beato
    Olivia Scott
    Penny Kocarek

State Committeeman
    C. A. "Chuck" Oakes

State Committeewoman
    Joan Hartt