Last night, a 19-ton truck plowed into those watching the Bastille Day fireworks display in Nice, France. It drove one mile, zigzagging down the packed boardwalk at full speed, before the driver jumped out and was killed in a firefight with French police. Additional weapons were found in the back of the truck.

The attack killed 84 people, though the number may grow. At least two are Americans and 10 children are among the dead, with 50 also injured.

The attack is shocking and barbaric, but much about it is unsurprising.

The perpetrator of the terrorist attack was a French Tunisian named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old with a long history of skirmishes with the law.

 Those who carry out attacks on ISIS’ behalf in the West tend to have this kind of profile (although it is yet to be confirmed that this is an ISIS-inspired attack). They are usually citizens of the country they attack, and the group has had terrific success in disseminating its ideology among ex-convicts and petty criminals. What is perhaps more surprising is that Bouhlel does not appear to have been on the French intelligence radar at all.